Jan 18, 2016
Greetings Again!
Blogboy here.  Thanks for checking out the ESAC blog.

Being an artist is way more fun if people come see your art.  As a musician, I've come to rely on gig spam, which is my term for e-mail sent to about anybody that I think might come to one of my shows: friends, family, other musicians, aquaintances with tenure, etc.  Sometime it works, sometimes not; but I try to have a little fun with it.  Here's my last gig spam.  It didn't work, but I hope you enjoy reading it.  The e-mail subject line was "Better Late Than Never"

Ladies and Gentlemen;

So I've a couple gigs this weekend.  Your response will be: "Whaaa?  Gig spam should have been out last week, fella."  And indeed, you'd be right.  So what's up with that?  Well, some crazy times here in the hamlet of Ludlowville.  A couple Saturdays ago I went to do some recording at Good Man Al's Solar Studio with some truly hep-cats.  My car wouldn't start, so I took my soul-mate's van.  As you know, she's a very good lady.  Plus, musicians and vans go together like Simon and Garfunkel.   However, after an epic recording session, I hit a deer on the way home.  No air bags involved, but the Starship Trooper did need to dispatch the mortally wounded varmint.  Actually, I indirectly hit two deer; the first one knocked into the second one who also didn't look both ways before crossing; such is the state of ruminant elementary education here in central New York.  I am blessed that nobody was behind me, as the anti-lock brakes really do work as advertised.  So, summary:  The household was two cars down, none in reserve.  We're back to normal after a couple of car rentals and a couple of favors we called in.  Thanks, Meredith.  That is the story of why my gig spam is late. That, and the dog ate my homework. 

Glad to report that we're back on our feet here at 138 Brickyard Rd, and am ready to rock.  I will be returning to the establishment that hosted my very first solo gig--how cool is that?  Way cool!

Sat. Jan 16
Kilpatrick's Publick House   (Yes....you are part of the Publick)   http://www.kilpatrickspub.com/

Yes, that's late.  So come after dinner. 

Sun Jan 17
The Dock
3pm   Late brunch. 

So your dreams have come true.  You can come see me late on Saturday, sleep in on Sunday, and still make brunch.
Peace, baby.  Peace
Paul K