The fall schedule was fun, and I can’t believe you missed it.  We start back up in February:  Valentine’s Day with Jorge Cuevas & the Caribe Jazz All-Stars.  A big long name that lives up to the hype, even though nobody was informed about when the all-star voting would happen.  They play in town often, but not in a room that sounds as good as the courtroom.  And what is a “caribe” anyway?  Google said that it’s another name for piranha.   I have made the security committee aware of this.  But please cover any open wounds as we don’t want the piano player smelling blood. As everyone knows, piranhas have poor eyesight. So it’s safe to wear red in honor of Valentine’s day.  Buy two tickets and get your sweetheart out of the house.
March’s show will feature “The Newlyweds”, Joe and Karen Lonsky.  Their main gig is fronting the nine piece dance band “The Destination”.  How come we didn’t book The Newlyweds for the Valentine’s Day gig?  I dunno.  That’s just how things come together sometimes.  You’ve heard Karen sing, but with the other seven pieces stripped away you’ll get to hear a whole lot more musical nuance from her that’s strikingly different from the big band.  And again the acoustics of the venue will match her shine.  No pressure, Karen.  No pressure.
No shows for ESAC in January; it’s a month to recover after the holiday madness.  But get out of the house anyway.  I’ll be performing my solo gig at Kilpatricks on Sat. Jan 16 @ 10pm.  I’ll try to get on stage early since I know that’s a late downbeat for anyone over 30.  Can’t stay up late?  Then come to The Dock on Sunday Jan 17 for their 3pm late brunch.  Two gigs in two days; I won’t even have to unpack the car!   So what kind of stuff do you play, Blogboy?  Steely Dan, Springsteen, Supertramp, all the way to The Ramones.
And ESAC needs you….especially you since you’re still reading.  Click on the appropriate buttons and come be one of the team.  Donate a little, donate a lot.  Time, money, or whatever you got.  One member brings cookies.  Nothing wrong with that.
Dr. K,  aka Blogboy