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Welcome to the East Shore Arts Council Blogosphere!

We’ve got some big plans here at ESAC.  My blog job is to let you know why we’re the best thing in town.  Of course, there will be some promotion of other arts activities and probably some shameless self promotion since it’s my keyboard.  So if you’ve got some art activities on your slate, please shoot me an e-mail about what’s going on and I’ll pass it along to our readers.  Blogboy@

Better Late Than Never

Jan 18, 2016
Greetings Again!
Blogboy here.  Thanks for checking out the ESAC blog.

Being an artist is way more fun if people come see your art.  As a musician, I've come to rely on gig spam, which is my term for e-mail sent to about anybody that I think might come to one of my shows: friends, family, other musicians, aquaintances with tenure, etc.  Sometime it works, sometimes not; but I try to have a little fun with it.  Here's my last gig spam.  It didn't work, but I hope you enjoy reading it.  The e-mail subject line was "Better Late Than Never"

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Winter Concerts In The Courtroom

The fall schedule was fun, and I can’t believe you missed it.  We start back up in February:  Valentine’s Day with Jorge Cuevas & the Caribe Jazz All-Stars.  A big long name that lives up to the hype, even though nobody was informed about when the all-star voting would happen.  They play in town often, but not in a room that sounds as good as the courtroom.  And what is a “caribe” anyway?  Google said that it’s another name for piranha.   I have made the security committee aware of this.  But please cover any open wounds as we don’t want the piano player smelling blood. As everyone knows, piranhas have poor eyesight. So it’s safe to wear red in honor of Valentine’s day.  Buy two tickets and get your sweetheart out of the house.

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